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Buying Europe SIM Card from RebelFone

Recently my company asked me to travel to the European continent and conduct some training. It was a 15 days trip where using my own domestic number would have meant high roaming charges. I searched for Europe SIM card when I got to know about RebelFone and their services. When compared to the other telecom service providers, I discovered that their rental charges are fairly less. They have better plans and provide international SIM card iphone as well. This is great service for people like me who own an iphone and would prefer Europe SIM card that can work with it. My phone is unlocked so I didn’t have any problem with the network there and I was able to use all the application through this international SIM card iphone.

Choosing the Europe SIM card from this company allowed me to reduce my roaming charges. I could use the same number in the different European countries and didn’t have to buy another card. This SIM card also enabled me to get free incoming calls in most of the European countries and use the data services at reduced price. The international SIM card iphone plan that I took through the telecom service provider was economical and quite useful.

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