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How Rebelfone’s Europe SIM Card and World SIM Card Helped Me Save Money

I want to recommend RebelFone’s global SIM cards to everyone who’s been thinking of getting a short term telecom service for their travels. These global SIM cards are the best thing to help you save money on your foreign jaunts.

I can say this because I have tried their telecom services for myself- a Europe SIM card first, and a world SIM card later. I got the Europe SIM card a little more than year ago, when I was planning a trip to the continent. I had earlier considered other service providers before I found RebelFone, but they were quite expensive. I had almost given up the idea of getting mobile connectivity, but thankfully, I came across RebelFone’s website. Their Europe SIM offered me very low rates for both calls and messages, which helped me to save a lot on international roaming. Their service representatives were also very helpful and prompt, so it was a really pleasant experience.

So when I was about to go on a world tour a few month ago, I decided to get a world SIM card from RebelFone. I did check out a few other global SIM cards offered by other telecom companies, but the rates they offered and their service packages were just not as attractive as RebelFone’s. They offered quite substantial savings, with free incoming calls in 75 countries! Sounds unbelievable, I know, but it’s true! I want to thank Rebelfone for making my trip really special!


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