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Free Incoming Calls in Europe with Europe SIM Card

Rebelfone gladly announces new offer for Europe travelers. Customers taking Europe SIM card can now avail free incoming calls in 44 European countries while saving upto 80% on international roaming charges. We at Rebelfone understands the traveling needs of our customers and thus always engaged in making those offers which can provide maximum benefits to them.

During this time of the year, a lot of people from United States would be traveling to different European countries to attend cultural festivals, carnivals and other media & sports events. To make their traveling more cheaper and hassle-free, we are providing this new offer to our customers. According to this offer, customers taking Europe SIM Card will get free incoming calls in 44 European countries along with saving money on international roaming charges, while making outgoing calls or texting. Available for a limited period of time, this offer will make communication even cheaper than it used to be before. Now customers have to pay only for outgoing calls that too at reduced roaming charges.

To avail this offer, you just need to book your Europe SIM Card either online or offline and the offer will be pre-activated on your number. Your sim card will be delivered to you well before in advance so that you can distribute number to friends and family before leaving and can stay connected always. Rebelfone is known for offering cost effective telecom solution for international travelers. Besides international sim card, we are offering cell phone rentals services and internet solutions while traveling abroad.

To get more information on offer, you can visit europe sim card with free incoming or can call up our toll free customer care number 1800-375-7163 to get required assistance on this.

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