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How to Save Money on Cell Phone International Plans

While travelling international, many people are not comfortable about carrying their phones, so they prefer to rent a phone and use a plan accordingly. A lot of companies offer international cell phone plans but it is up to you to compare the various plans and decide which is the most cost effective plan for you. A good idea is to first decide if you want a global rental plan or a country specific plan. Websites like Clay have some great offers for both and can help you choose the best plan according to your travelling needs.

If you are among those, who keep your cell phone with you at all times, it is better for you to opt for a sim card rental than to rent a phone. International sim card reviews will easily give you a clear picture of the market and enable you to make a comparison about which international plan for cell phones you should follow.

While keeping in touch with business and family is important; it is your money at the end of the day and you should decide on a plan that lets you save on the hard earned money, while giving you the privilege of staying connected.

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