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RebelFone’s International Mobile Phone Rental

I had been looking for a global phone, or world cell phone, as it is also often called, because I am the kind of traveler who loves going to many different places in one trip. I had heard that such phones are internationally compatible with all sorts of mobile phone networks, especially when used with a world SIM card or global SIM card.

So I was searching for a good international mobile phone rental plan that would be suitable for me. That’s when I came across the name of RebelFone. Someone on a web forum for travelers mentioned their cell phone rentals. I was naturally intrigued and decided to look it up. I am glad that I did, because it really did offer a global phone for rental. The world phone that they offered was internationally compatible, so I could use it without any hassles anywhere. The whole rental package also included a global or world SIM card, so that I could get the facility of one number everywhere, a universal adapter kit, which would allow me to charge the global phone through any type of wall socket, plus a battery.

The package was very affordable to rent, and I got to save quite a lot on roaming and call rates through the SIM that was part of the deal. The world phone worked perfectly wherever I went, and there were no issues regarding call reception or anything. I really think every global traveler should get RebelFone’s international mobile phone rental for their trips.


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Cash Back Offer

Get $5.00 discount on every $100 worth usage

ZERO Cost SIM Card Offer

RebelFone offers Zero Cost International SIM cards to international travelers.