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My UK SIM Card Saved Me a Lot of Money!

I save a lot of money on my visits to the UK, thanks to Rebelfone’s UK SIM card solutions. It’s much better than using my own SIM card put on international roaming, which used to cost me a lot. I am extremely happy that I found Rebelfone.

Before I found out about Rebelfone’s international SIM card solutions, I used to use my SIM whenever I went on a trip abroad. Those days were horrible – I used to absolutely hate trivial things like incoming calls and calls to family and friends back home in the States, because they cost a lot with my own American SIM. I was constantly on the lookout to save on funds, which even led to some hilarious but embarrassing moments for me. So when a friend suggested Rebelfone and their international SIM card solutions, I was keen to try them out.

I went to Rebelfone’s website and what an educating affair it was! Half an hour later I found all about global SIM cards and international SIM card solutions. My life had changed! I decided to always use Rebelfone’s global SIM cards whenever I travel abroad in the future. That was two years ago. Three trips to the UK later, I still swear by my UK SIM card. Buying the UK SIM card from Rebelfone still remains the best decision I’ve made in my life. I thank Rebelfone for their fantastic services, and their excellent global SIM cards. God knows how much money they’ve saved me over the years. Thank you Rebelfone!


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