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Getting prepaid international mobile phones was the best decision that I took for my US trip last month. I mean before this I have been on foreign trips but there I used my own Indian SIM and when I got back huge bills awaited me. But on my recent trip, I applied for USA international phone through RebelFone. Now my colleagues had used their prepaid international mobile phones services before I was new to it. They suggested that it was good and I should apply for rental phone and SIM card through them.

I don’t have a spare phone and wanted to retain my Indian number while traveling so I had to apply for an unlocked handset. Applying for the USA international phone through the company was easy and I just had to contact them online. The customer care executive explained the phone rental plans and informed me that they have both postpaid and prepaid international mobile phones and I applied for the latter. The USA international phone and SIM card was sent to me before I left the country and this made it possible for me to share the international number with my friends. While in US, I was able to receive free incoming calls and made calls at low price. This saved me a lot of money and I am glad I applied for the phone and SIM through them.

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