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Reasons to Get an Ireland SIM Card for Your Holiday Trip

If you have a trip to Ireland planned for the upcoming holiday season, one of the most important things you need to pack is your mobile phone along with an Ireland SIM card, which you can easily get from companies like Rebelfone. While you can continue using your own network with an international package, there are several reasons why doing so won’t be wise. There is also the option of ditching your cell phone and relying on local pay phones, which is even more inconvenient and unreliable. Here are some reasons why you need your cell phone and a local SIM for your upcoming trip to Ireland:

It Is Extremely Affordable

The biggest reason to switch to a local card while in Ireland is the extremely high costs associated with international plans. If you have a local SIM, you can get much cheaper call rates on both nationwide and international calls along with low data package rates. If you stick with your own network, you can go back to phone bills mounted up to hundreds of dollars. Your phone bill on a local SIM is going to be a minor fraction of those costs.

It Helps You Stay Reachable

No matter where you are, your family and friends will always be able to reach you if you are travelling with a cell phone. In case they need to reach you at a time when you are not at your hotel, they can easily do so. This makes it easier for you to travel while staying connected to people back home even if you don’t leave your travel itinerary with them. The most affordable way to keep a functional cell phone with you during your trip is using an Ireland SIM card that you can easily get from a company like Rebelfone.

It Is Good For Emergency Situations

Imagine getting stranded on a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere in an unknown country without having any means of contacting someone for help. No matter how immaculately you have planned everything, accidents and mishaps can happen. Therefore, having a cell phone and a local card can allow you to make local calls easily as well. If you want to avoid getting into any such situations, it is better to stay connectable.

Travelling with a local cell phone can make your trip a lot easier and flexible. Even if you don’t reach your designated destination on time, your family will still be able to reach you without worrying about where you’ve disappeared. If you need a bit of flexibility in your travel plans, a local card is the best and most affordable option to go for.

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