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Rebelfone’s World Cell Phone Rental is the ‘Only’ Option

Yes, you guessed it; I am a big fan of the world cell phone from RebelFone. That’s why I recommend their world phone rental plan to everyone I meet. After all, I can vouch for the unmatched benefits it provides.

Not-so-very-long ago, when I was still unaware about RebelFone itself, I had to get a world cell phone rental for an upcoming round the world cruise. We were supposed to stop at around 32 ports on the way, and I wanted to have telecom connectivity everywhere I went just in case of any emergencies. A world cell phone was the best solution, as it would work in every country I went.

I got a world phone rental from my local regular telecom service provider. Turns out that the phone they offered was ‘local’ as well. The “world cell phone” was so useless, it would have been better to sell it off as scrap metal. It just refused to work, once my ship left the port!

I am really glad I got my next world cell phone rental from RebelFone when I had to go for an intercontinental lecture tour. The GSM quad band phone that I rented worked like a dream, allowing me to fearlessly explore every city on my itinerary. Moreover, RebelFone’s world phone rental plan offered me lot of savings on my phone bills. The experience was so good, that I have decided to stick to RebelFone for all future trips, big or small. You should too, if you know what’s good for you!


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