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Renting a USA Sim Card Before Your Trip

Buying universal SIM card before my trip has made international traveling much more convenient and easy for me. Earlier when I used to travel to other countries then I would be scared of using my number because of the high roaming charges. But now I can buy USA SIM card before I leave the country and avoid the extra expenses easily. The universal SIM card like multi-country SIM cards work in different countries while country-specific card is meant for a single country. Since I mostly travel to USA, I apply for USA sim card from telecom service providers.

I get my universal SIM card through RebelFone, which offers good prepaid and postpaid plans and provides with rental handset as well. So for my trips I get their rental handsets also so that I can retain my own number and use the USA SIM card to make and receive calls. With the international number, I am able to free incoming calls and can make outgoing calls at reduced price. This has made it convenient for me to avoid the high roaming call charges and make my international trip convenient. The company provides me with the SIM card before I leave the country and this way I am able to give the number to everyone.

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RebelFone offers Zero Cost International SIM cards to international travelers.