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Launch of USA Prepaid SIM Card

As I keep traveling to the US, the launch of USA prepaid SIM card by Rebelfone was just the piece of good news I needed. I could have got a global SIM card too. However, if like me, you plan to visit, or keep visiting just one country, it makes sense to buy a country-specific SIM card. In my case this would be a USA prepaid SIM card. I am very glad that Rebelfone has brought out one.

I actually got the number before I started my journey. This was very convenient for me as I could give my number to not just friends and family, but also to my business contacts. That was a big relief as I have to stay connected at all times or else I get anxious. I also found the welcome kit with voicemail instructions pretty comprehensive. As soon as I landed in the US, I got a call from my one of my American contacts. They wanted to inform me that our meeting time had been changed.

The USA prepaid SIM card is, of course, compatible with the right phone. I have an unlocked American phone. If you do not have one, you can use a quad band phone or an unlocked international handset. Alternatively, you can just rent a phone from Rebelfone!

The biggest reason to be happy about the launch of USA prepaid SIM card is pure economics. At $4.99 (plus $4.99 credit), it comes cheaper than any other USA SIM provided by other international cell phone service providers. It has the lowest incoming and international calling tariffs which are applicable at all destinations within the US. I prefer the prepaid option as I like to stick to a predetermined budget and it helps me to keep my expenses within that limit.

The launch of USA prepaid SIM card by Rebelfone will be welcomed by lots of other people like me, I am sure. It could not have come at a better time. A big thanks to Rebelfone!


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